Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    A Review and Modification on Molana Yaghoub Charkhi`s Persian Papers    Ph.D    Karimyan, Nader    2008-02-10
2    The change of poetical manifestations and rhetorical elements of the technical historical prose    Ph.D    mahmoodi, ali reza    2008-11-16
3    effects of the quran and hadith in persian prison poem    M.Sc.    ,    2009-06-22
4    karkerdhaye badiey tekrar dar ghazalyat shams    M.Sc.    ,    2009-07-07
5    edition and corection meyar- Al- Ashare Alam-Al-Hoda    M.Sc.    ,    2009-10-04
6    Ambiguiry in nezami poetry: an Analysis    M.Sc.    ,    2009-10-11
7    Analysis elements of story Jami Joseph and Zlykha    M.Sc.    nezampoor, maryam    2010-06-27
8    Historical evolution in Apostrophe of rhetorical works until now    M.Sc.    rahmani, homa    2011-06-06
9    Reflection and study of Shahname in Jahangiri and Sharafname -ye- Manyeri dictionaries    M.Sc.    lwkhi, taibeh    2011-06-06
10    The Narratology of Quranic Stories in Masnavi Molavi and their Comparison with the narratology of Abolfotouh of the same stories.h    M.Sc.    nejati, fatemeh    2011-07-03
11    Correction maghamat –Al – hossaini and research about his poet and poem    M.Sc.    rostampour, elyas    2011-07-10
12    Description in joveini jahanghoshaye history    M.Sc.    sabood, fereshteh    2011-09-22
13    Correcting and documenting the poets Nfays Almaser    M.Sc.    ahmad panah chenar, ali    2011-10-03
14    A Critical Edition of Makhzan al –Insha    Ph.D    Akbarzada, Sayeda Shokufa    2011-12-04
15    Study of cultural elements and Iranian myth in "Tafsir abol fotooh Razi" book    M.Sc.    attar, soodabeh    2012-03-23
16    Quintet Composing in Persian Litrature (Its History and Genric Study)    Ph.D    Vaezzadeh, Abbass    2012-04-29
17    Shahnameh in prose texts reflect the ninth and tenth centuries    M.Sc.    ahmadi, mahmood    2012-05-27
18    investigating the critical process of a selected part of moulavis masnavi    M.Sc.    hossin i mihgan, seid mohammad ali    2012-06-09
19    Historical and comparative consideration of exaggeration in Arabic and Persian rhetoric    M.Sc.    ahmadi, sohrab    2012-06-10
20    A Comparative study of poetical etiology and ordre ou in Persian and Arabic rhetoric works.    M.Sc.    alian, susan    2012-07-01
21    the tradition of textual criticism in islamic iran    Ph.D    mojarrad, mojtaba    2012-07-15
22    Reflection Of mowlana\\\'s Poems in Mystrical Prose Texts To Thenth Century.    M.Sc.    bazoobandi, ebrahim    2012-09-20
23    A Fairclouphic Research on Rashid Al-din's Savaneh Al-Afkar    M.Sc.    roodmajani, mohsen    2013-06-09
24    study of concept of plagiarism in islamic rhetoric (persian Arabic)    M.Sc.    Jalili Taghavian, Mostafa    2013-06-17
25    A study of Iran in Ibn Battuta's travelogue with respect to comparative literature    M.Sc.    shariatpanah, zahra    2014-05-28
26    A Critical Edition of Kholasetolashar    M.Sc.    mirnejad, alireza    2014-10-26
27    The Descriptive-Analytical Study of Articles about Kalila wa Dimna    M.Sc.    EZADIFARD, MOHSEN    2015-05-20
28    The Image of Ethnic Groups in Ibn Fadlan’s Travelogue    M.Sc.    abedi, toktam    2015-06-07
29    A Critical Edition of Qurrat al ‘Ayn    M.Sc.    Mahmoodi, Zahra    2015-07-27
30    The Descriptive and comparative Study of two Travel Books of Naser khosrow and Ibn-Jobair    M.Sc.    MANSOURI, MASOUD    2015-09-30
31    descriptive and critcal article knowing from 1370-1380    Ph.D    heidari, ali    2015-10-07
32    A comparative study of paradoxical in a rhetorical texts and Persian and Arabic literature    M.Sc.    Alhajj Jasim, Nihad    2016-02-24
33    Correction of “Bayaz-e-khoshboei” and research about    Ph.D    ghavami, hassan    2016-04-03
34    A Comparative Study of Mystic's Attributes in Attar and Ibn-e- Fariz Poems    M.Sc.    karimian, abdorreza    2016-06-05
35    Imology of Iran in sourat-ol-arz Ebn Hawghal    M.Sc.    pakdaman, mohamadreza    2016-06-05
36    A Comparative Study of Belief in Arabic and Persian Rhetoric    M.Sc.    saberi nasrabad sofla, Ali    2016-07-02
37    a comparison between the features of golestan and its counterparts in the kings chapter.    M.Sc.    mirdeylami, zeynab sadat    2017-03-05
38    Hafiz audience research in the field of articles from 1381 to 1390.    Ph.D    ovliaee, mohammad bagher    2017-03-05
39    A review and criticism of Bahar- e Ajam dictionary    M.Sc.    khosroupoor, saeed    2017-06-17